We can’t offer in-person Night Walks this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the chills and thrills! For the first time ever, we’re offering a virtual version of our popular Night Walk on Friday, October 30, at 7 p.m. (If you purchase a ticket, you will receive a link to the live virtual event and, afterward, a link to the recording of the Night Walk that you can watch later if you are unavailable on Oct. 30.) This year, we won’t worry about rain or cold. You won’t have to wear your walking shoes, or any shoes at all! Just cozy up in front of your computer and prepare to be scared with true tales from Arrow Rock’s wild, wild past.

Your guide, Friends of Arrow Rock Executive Director Sandy Selby, will share the stories our Night Walk attendees love, plus EVPs and SLS camera footage captured in some of Arrow Rock’s most haunted buildings. Those who join us for this virtual Night Walk will be the first to see brand new SLS camera footage. You’ll see that even if you’re standing in an empty room, you may not be alone!

Tickets are $10 per viewing device, so an entire family can watch on one computer for $10, or each person can buy their own $10 ticket and log on individually.