Friends of Arrow Rock was established in 1959 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to historic preservation and history education. Its professional staff includes an executive director, operations director and historical interpreters. In 2019, FAR entered into a partnership with Missouri State Parks to operate the J. Huston Tavern, and manages that business and its staff. Tavern staff includes a general manager, kitchen manager, kitchen staff, servers, bartenders and hosts.

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Director of Operations & Education

The Director of Operations and Education for the Friends of Arrow Rock (FAR) Board of Trustees is a full-time position. The position reports to the Executive Director. The position is Director of the following: 

  1. The FAR Education program;
  2. Overall operations of the office, including the Arrow Rock 1829 Museum Shop;
  3. Care and preservation of FAR properties as it relates to the services provided by independent contractors;
  4. Staff management; and
  5. Events coordination.


  • Proven organization and collaborative leadership skills.
  • Proficiency in social media knowledge and skills.
  • Strong problem solving, critical thinking, coaching, and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Able to research, understand and interpret history.
  • Experience with education programs development, teaching and management for a diverse audience including all age groups, and a variety of teaching activities, i.e., group meetings, special events, tours, etc.
  • Experience with training and management of volunteer positions.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of business and supervisory best practices.
  • Ability to execute and maintain financial policies.
  • Experience in a retail setting including customer service, inventory, and accounting.
  • Proficiency using operating software including MS Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and POS system.
  • A bachelor’s degree and a minimum of four (4) years’ experience is required. In some cases, substantial, directly-related experience may substitute for the degree. A professional background in history education or employment in a related field is preferred.
  • Ability to be bonded.
  • Have a current driver’s license, and ability to operate FAR tour tram or own vehicle, if needed.
  • Ability to move 30 pounds.
  • Ability to complete physical requirements of job including climbing, standing, stooping and sitting.
  • Ability to work occasional weekends, evenings, and be on-call.


Friends of Arrow Rock Education: The Director of Operations and Education will establish and maintain educational programs for the Friends of Arrow Rock that connect Arrow Rock visitors with the human experience of the movement west through the Missouri frontier, and Arrow Rock’s rich involvement in that history.

Program Planning and Management

  • Create a variety of on-site interpretive programs for daily visitors of all ages and diverse groups, including K-12 and higher education classes and groups, senior adult groups, civic service and fraternal clubs and organizations, family gatherings, etc.
  • Ensure that all educational interpretation is accurate and aligned with the Friends of Arow Rock mission.
  • Work with the Executive Director, the Education Committee, and Interpretations Committee to develop long-range planning for the education programs.
  • Assist interpreters in providing tours, as needed.

Communications and Outreach

  • Build networks and maintain relationships with area educators, i.e., higher education institutions, regional school districts, home school programs, etc.
  • Build and maintain relationships with various organizations for both scheduled visits, tours, and fundraising programs.
  • Give presentations about Friends of Arrow Rock history and educational programs.
  • Represent Friends of Arrow Rock Education in media interviews, as necessary.
  • Design and produce interpretive and promotional materials.
  • Enhance website and social media presence; create content for use on the FAR website and social media platforms to promote and provide education events; track data and analyze performance of social media campaigns.
  • Present a current report to the FAR Board of Trustees at each quarterly board meeting.

Financial Management

  • Propose annual budget for Education, advocating for Education priorities.
  • Oversee the fiscal management of Education ensuring that it operates within the approved budget, the maximum resource utilization, and assuring that it is maintained in a positive financial position. Maintain files of all expenses and receipts and financial reporting.
  • Provide financial reports in a timely manner to Executive Director.

Fundraising and Development

  • Assist with grant writing for Education.
  • Oversee successful grant implementation and reporting for Education.

The Arrow Rock 1829 Museum Shop:  The Arrow Rock 1829 Museum Shop enhances the Arrow Rock experience for visitors by providing them with merchandise to purchase to remember their visit. It is an extended opportunity to provide further history education opportunities about Arrow Rock and Missouri history. The Gift Shop and Museum provides the opportunity to build long-term relationships with Arrow Rock visitors and a revenue source for the Friends of Arrow Rock.

Retail Management

  • Direct all facets of the daily operations for retail and visitor services, ensuring alignment with mission and compliance with the Friends of Arrow Rock policies and procedures.
  • Develop and implement general marketing plans and programs, and sales promotion campaigns. Monitor general housekeeping cleanliness within the area; ensure that equipment and facilities remain in good repair, and that employee and customer safety standards are maintained.
  • Develop social media strategies and campaigns to enhance Shop sales, track data and analyze performance of media campaigns.
  • Maintain professional standards and affiliations.

Financial Management

  • Develop and propose an annual budget advocating for the Museum Shop priorities.
  • Maintain accurate, comprehensive shop operation budget records, including inventory, financial statements, and taxation.
  • Implement and manage shop operating budgets, policies, and procedures.
  • Direct the processing of sales and cash management; resolve discrepancies, prepare, reconcile, and record cash receipts for deposit, and prepare sales reports.


  • Research and purchase all merchandise for sale. The preference for merchandise inventory is for quality and retail market appeal with a focus on history and education.
  • Manage inventory control in preparation of all merchandise for point of sale.
  • Direct the design and display techniques for visual merchandising of inventory.

Care and Preservation of Friends of Arrow Rock Properties: Collaborate with the various FAR Board of Trustees committees and the Historic Preservation Consultant in the care and preservation of Friends of Arrow Rock properties as it relates to the day-to -services provided by independent contractors.

  • Recruit independent contractors to fulfill the various needs for the day-to-day care and preservation of the Friends of Arrow Rock historical properties, including preservation consulting, housekeeping, lawn care service, exterminators, etc.
  • Schedule and interview independent contractor applicants, along with the Executive Director, and Properties Committee Chair.
  • Monitor to confirm all work meets expectations.
  • Approve payments to contractors.
  • Maintain records for all independent contractors, including a calendar of contract ending dates.

Staff Management

  • Schedule routine office meetings for—
    1. all support staff and interpreters; and
    2. routine meetings for interpreters
  • Recruit and place volunteer support staff and interpreters.
  • Supervise the staff and conduct annual performance reviews.
  • Develop training programs for volunteer staff in all areas, including support staff duties, festival staffing, museum buildings, fundraising events, and training to lead on-site education programs and tours.

Events Coordination

  • As the staff representative to the Events Committee, and with that committee’s guidance, establish a timeline for invitations, promotion, ticket sales, auction item solicitation, and event set-up/clean-up.
  • Manage ticket sales, reservations and auction item collection and produce regular reports for the Events committee on the status of these tasks.
  • With the assistance of the Events Committee Chairs, schedule and train staff and volunteers to assist with registration, check-out, and other event duties.

Salary Range:  $45,000-$48,000/year. Benefits include six paid holidays and 10 days of paid vacation per year, Arrow Rock 1829 Museum Shop and J. Huston Tavern discounts, and, after one year of employment, an employer match 401K contribution.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter no later than Monday, June 15, 2021, to:

Friends of Arrow Rock
c/o Sandy Selby, Executive Director
P.O. Box 124
Arrow Rock, MO 65320

Deliver your application in person to the Friends of Arrow Rock headquarters, 310 Main Street, Arrow Rock, MO between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. 

 Or submit via email.