Trustees and Staff

The Friends of Arrow Rock benefits from the leadership and expertise of our volunteer board of trustees along with a highly qualified professional staff. If you are interested in volunteer or professional opportunities with our organization, contact us at 660-837-3231.


President: Chet Breitwieser (Belleville, IL & Arrow Rock, MO)

1st Vice President: Kevin Riggs (Marshall, MO)

2nd Vice President: Toni Blackwood (Kansas City, MO & Arrow Rock, MO)

Treasurer: Jan Hinnah (Nelson, MO)

Secretary: Mary Keller (Nelson, MO)


Louise Hall Bagby

Louise Peery Eads

Thomas B. Hall III, M.D.

Donna Huston

Day Gibson Kerr

Barbara Quinn

V. Paul Ratcliffe

Sue E. Stubbs


Elizabeth Barrett

Pat Cooper

Kathy Digges

Don S. Huff, J.D.

George S. Huff, J.D.

Carol Pemberton

V. Paul Ratcliffe

Bill True



Doug Anning (Kansas City, MO and Arrow Rock, MO)

Dan Auman (Arrow Rock, MO)

Nancy Blossom (Marshall, MO)

Beth Blumhorst (Blackwater, MO)

Kathy Cary (Marshall, MO)

Carol Van Dyke Clift (Chesterfield, MO)

Rockne Corbin (Columbia, MO & Arrow Rock, MO)

Mary Fangmann (Marshall, MO)

Thomas B. Hall III, M.D.  – Past-President (Prairie Village, KS & Arrow Rock, MO)

Richard M. Hodge, D.D.S. (Kansas City, MO & Arrow Rock, MO)

Mary Kay Horner (Fairway, KS)

Donna Huston – Past-President (Marshall, MO)

Leslie Huston (Marshall, MO & Arrow Rock, MO)

Day Kerr (Prairie Village, KS)

Bill Kruse (Creve Coeur, MO)

Blaine Murrell McBurney, Ph.D. (New Orleans, LA & Marshall, MO)

Debbie Mills (Marshall, MO)

David Norbury (Blackwater, MO)

Lindi Overton (Boonville, MO)

Marc Prigmore (Kansas City, MO & Arrow Rock, MO)

Michael Reid (Jefferson City, MO)

Judy Smith (Arrow Rock, MO)

Pam Stouffer (Marshall, MO)

Casey Sumner (Sedalia, MO)

Davoren Tempel (Leawood, KS)

Greig Thompson (Harrisburg, MO)



Acting Director: Jeff Kurtti

Historical Interpreter: Monte Holder


Mandy Dorrance

Historic Preservation: Marty Selby, Well-Preserved


Deb Meyers

Kenneth Martinez

Anthony Weatherford